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STATEMENT Regarding Joe Heck’s Comments on Donald Trump

October 17, 2016

Congressman Heck’s comments proves he agrees with Trump and only withdrew his support because of politics

Las Vegas- Today, CNN reported on comments made by Congressman Joe Heck on “really” wanting to support Donald Trump. For Nevada’s Future State Director, Artie Blanco, released the following statement:

“Falling behind in the polls, Joe Heck’s private statements expose a level of desperation and willingness to do whatever it takes to save his political career by duping Nevadans.

He says he wants to support Trump, that he agrees with Trump on a majority of issues facing America, but that his decision is based squarely on politics, not principle. This confirms what Nevadans have already known– Joe Heck agrees with Trump, supports Trump, even trusts Trump with the nuclear launch codes, and if elected, will work to break up our families with dangerous deportation schemes, squeeze our families’ paychecks to benefit the rich and divide America with more hate and distrust when most of us are just trying to live and work together”



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