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STATEMENT Regarding Joe Heck’s remarks about Donald Trump today

October 8, 2016


Congressman Heck has dropped his support only now that it could impact his race – this is too little too late

Las Vegas- Yesterday it was revealed that Donald Trump has once again made vile comments about women and continues to make the case that he is unfit to be President. Congressman Joe Heck has finally withdrawn his support of the Republican nominee. For Nevada’s Future State Director, Artie Blanco released the following statement:

“Since Trump locked up the nomination, he has made almost daily derogatory statements to Latinos, Muslims, African Americans, Asian Americans, Women, and those with special needs. All the while, Joe Heck has stood by Trump’s side and only now, when he finally fears he could lose his race for Senate has he decide to speak out. We are sorry Joe, but it’s too little too late for you talk about your conscience. You’ve shown Nevadans you don’t have the judgement to be our next Senator and For our Future is going to remind the 33,029 Nevadans that we have already spoken to and the tens of thousands more we will speak with at their doors of that fact.”


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