Nevada COVID-19 Commonly Requested Resources

Last updated: 3/31/2020

Social Safety Net Programs  (Medicaid/SNAP/WIC/etc..)

Child Care

School Districts

Health Care

Silver State Exchange Nevada’s ACA marketplace is currently having an “exceptional circumstance” open-enrollment period through April 15 so anyone can purchase through the exchange at this time.


  • Food pantries:
  • Aloha Kitchen, Griddlecakes, Stacks & Yolks, & Big Jerk all offer free meals for school- aged children
  • Smith’s, Target, & Dollar Tree all offer senior-only shopping hours
  • List of Clark County stores offering senior-only shopping hours.

Legal Services (Eviction/Foreclosure/etc…)

Eviction proceedings are currently suspended in most NV jurisdictions including all of those we’re calling. This does not mean one does not owe rent but simply that they cannot be evicted at this time.



  • All major power, water, and gas companies have suspended shutoffs for late or non-payment
  • Spectrum & Charter offering 60 days free internet for K-12 & college students


Resources for Undocumented Immigrants

Social Services – Clark County

Student Loans

  • Federal relief only applies to federal loans
  • FAQ here

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